Post your planned Track Day dates here.........


Killa B !!
Jan 4, 2009
7th of December, at OKAYAMA T.I. in West Japan...!!

This used to be the Formula One track....Schumacher won twice here in 94 and 95.

(anyone on here in Japan?!)

This will be my EK9 track debut....but I have raced here before. Last time there was serious crashes in my race. A full race Blood Sports EK9 was written off....the TRIAL MR-S All-Carbon monster FD3S smashed into a mint tuned RX-8....
The race was cancelled after 3 laps....messy.
:wow: :wow: what a track to debut your EK9 on. :bow:

Lee s

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Jun 28, 2010
haha Shaun those tyres are still road worthy!


May 3, 2010
Why dont we do a monthly Trackday together, plenty of us doing Track days just not together??
I can get some good rates too


Chuck Norris
Oct 17, 2008
Keep me posted on that idea Shaun! I already have a 3 trackday voucher for Focused Events but if you can arrange days other than that at good rates I would certainly try to join you on a couple / few of them!! :nice:


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Aug 18, 2008
I'd certainly be up for meeting a few EK9'ers later on this year at some of the more southern tracks...


EK9 in Japan
May 27, 2010
Just had my best track day ever.....
Suzuka on the 29th of Feb....I was in my EK9 for the first time at Suzuka.

We ran on the full F1 course, and I clocked a series of 2 46 and 2 47 laps....which is pretty good for me, at least.
There were 3 other Civics...a turbo ek4, and 2 EGs....they all ran very quickly, faster than me! But my civic was the only street reg'd one there. ;)

The GT 500 cars were doing secret testing before our session....Tom's and Nismo had taken out about 13 pit bays to themselves, and we were not allowed to open the roller doors of our pits until they left the track. They sounded amazing.

I had a couple of fun battles with an EVO9 and a GRB Sti. ..... and another fun scrimmage with the TRIAL boss, in his very well prepped R32 GTR....he was just toying with my of course....ran right up beside and then in front of me after the tunnel, before the hairpin and slammed on his brakes right in front of me! ha ha...very fun. I think he was just throwing me some free action!

This was not my first day at Suzuka, and this time I got to know the course a lot better. I was really trying to throw my car around a few corners that I was really timid on last time. Particularly the first corner, which after watching Shumachers 2007 record lap, I had seen just how fast you are meant to enter. That worked out well for me. The esses, also. I had been way too timid around them the first half of the day, but chasing that EVO9 around them (pretty slow driver), I realised just how quickly I could go while still keeping it together.
I could still not put a decent corner together around the SPOON corner. I really need a lesson on how to handle spoons.....I was just ugly around that corner every time...

The track is just so damn fun. It is long, and wide, and the course-off areas are large, so you always feel pretty safe. The surface is just so clean and so, well, video-game like.
My favorite section was probably the esses, through to the hairpin...particularly flying through the right hander in 3rd, then going down the hill, and braking hard, shifting to 2nd,turning hard right into the tunnel, revving it out well past 9000 (!), a few times to almost 9500 (!!), and then accelerating up the hill in 3rd up to the hairpin.
That was the part of the track that my gearing is not well suited to, which is why I over-revved a few times. It was hard for me to remember to quickly grab 3rd at the tunnel in time.
The car ran like a dream all day. Can't wait to get my LSD fitted, and attack it again....but Okayama T.I. is next, another ex-F1 circuit.
That is on APRIL 21.
I will post some pics when I get around to pulling them from my iphone.


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Jul 13, 2012
Any of you attending Book A Track in netherlands in the beginning of august ?


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Oct 15, 2010
At Cadwell on Aug the 5th

and thinking about doing 15th aswell (evening session).