1320 Racing's civic drag build


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Feb 14, 2011
Most of this is copy and pasted from another forum I frequent.

This project never started out to be a jap affair, where to start. I had owned a few r5gtt's which were all good fun but never had the super power I had always wanted, I had a idea of an engine swap but did not know where to start, a lad I Knew on another forum was always messing around with Hondas and seeing good results so it seemed a good start. To cut a long story short i wanted to build a B16 with big power in mind, after speaking to quite a few people over here I soon got pissed off and decided to look else where. After a long chat with MIke Laskey in California he said he could build me a bottom end of taking any abuse I could chuck at it, quite handy as I have a tendancy to brake things. The bottom end was built up with a super strong Benson sleeves, C.p pistons with stronger wrist pins, Pauter rods with upgraded 3/8 arp's, micro polished stock steel crank, acl race bearings and with the potential to rev to 11,000rpm+, quite handy when you intend to run a large turbo.




Now having such a strong bottom end I needed a top end that would also take the abuse, I did not have a head so started to bid on one on ebay which I won for £50 only problem being the guy would not post it and he lived in essex, bollocks. With the missus in tow a road trip to essex to pick it up was on the cards, picked it up and as soon as I got home it started to take it apart, within half an hour it was a bare head chucked in the parts washer to get 16 years of crap off it looked quite good, the inlet ports were massive as standard and capable of flowing 270cfm stock, and as stock ports go they were pretty bad ass.



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After speaking with Mike laskey again he offered me a cracking deal on a head package which would be carried out by a company close to Laskey racing called Port flow design, these guys have done head work for HRC, TRD, Cosworth and many Nascar teams. The work Port flow carried out included a full port and polish, skimmed to raise compression without having the need to use domed pistons, multi angle valve job, titanium retainers, twin valve springs, a surface finish which you can see you face in, .5mm oversize stainless nitrided inlet valves, .5mm oversize inconel exhaust valves to deal with the increased egts when running super high boost, loads of ignition etc and a combustion chamber reshaped to increase swirl



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A few pics of the exhaust manifold I have for the project, I brought this manifold to fit the gtt as it was the most compact one available otherwise the wastegate would have poked out the front bumper, if I had known from the start that I would go Honda I would have chose a top mount T4 twin scroll as you end up with a larger selection of turbos and housings etc, oh well lifes a bitch and then............ Anyway spoke to Eric at Full-race and he offered me a deal on a manifold and wastegate, super nice piece, full-race being known in the states as the best exhaust manifold maker bar none,all the guys running 8's use these guys so it was good enough for me



And one bolted to the head for show

I'm not into turbo's as you know, but that is some serious parts porn there... good effort.

Did I read that right as you planning to put the B series in the R5?
I wanted to fit this engine into an r5gtt but the people who make the rules said they would not let me race it, so I got hold of a diffrent chassis.
As I did not have the original sump pan and needed somewhere to drain the oil back to I ordered a moroso pan from own friends across the pond, maybe if I had the original pan I would have welded my own drain in but this seemed a lot better idea considering it already had a baffle fitted to prevent surge and did not need cleaning painting. With a 1/2 bsp - 10an adapter fitted its just the job.


Before bolting this on I fitted a brand new pick up/ strainer, brand new windage tray and water pump damn O.E Honda stuff is damn expensive

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Looks like its going to be some machine!!

That manifold looks insane!! :D
With all these new parts being fitted the gearbox I had for the project was letting the side down a little, out with the wire brush attachment and the drill and grinder to clean all the road grime off. Im not sure if this s9b will be any good yet as the ratios are a bit crap along with the final drive and the last thing I want to do is drop out of boost between shifts, with a 24.5 inch tyre the car will do 164mph in fourth at 11,000 rpm. I may have to look for a s4c to trial.

After an hour or so most of the crap was off


Put a few light coats of etch primer all over


Then on with the 2k out of an arsehole can, would have loved to paint this properly but did not have a compressor handy

Few other bits arrived, as this head is a first gen b16 head it came with the older type lma's which are not ideal for high lift cams, also being 18+ years old they would have likely been noisey, it made good sense to replace them with the new bee hive type nsx lma's which are not that expensive even from honda.


As I had these I thought I may as well re-fit the rocker shafts.

Sick of pissing around with jubilee clips and the like I decided to throw most of the stock pipe work in the bin and use aeroquip stuff, I will end up using -8 for the main fuel hoses, -6 for the return -10 for the breather system and possibley -16 for the main coolant hoses, a nice pile of fittings after collecting then for a few months.


Here are the two fuel pumps I will be using on the project with there fittings,
these Bosch motorsport 044 fuel pumps are good enough to fuel for 550hp each or 300lph if you want to be techinal.


The fpr used to regulate all this fuel pressure with be in the hands of a aeromotive fpr, it came tapped to take -6 adapters which are not big enough for what I have in mind so had them machined out to take an m18x1.5 thread so then can use a true -8 fitting.



On to the fuel rail its self, Golden eagle are one of a few companys that make a true -8 fuel rail with no restrictions, super nice piece machined from billet.

WOW !!! Now this is the shittttt !

So let me get this right, this is a B16 block that Mike supplied ? If so, is there any reason you never went for a B18 ?

Glad you decided to get this up mate. :nice:
damnnn what a impressive build cant wait to see more of this defo 1 to watch, glwb
WOW !!! Now this is the shittttt !

So let me get this right, this is a B16 block that Mike supplied ? If so, is there any reason you never went for a B18 ?

Glad you decided to get this up mate. :nice:

I suppose because of love for the under dog, no one likes getting their ass handed to them by a little 1600cc motor.
I suppose because of love for the under dog, no one likes getting their ass handed to them by a little 1600cc motor.

Ha ha, thats a good reason...

Have you decided on the EMS and ignition setup yet ?
I,m going to use a ecu supplied by a freind who owns efiparts.co.uk, its from Australia and made by a company called Adaptronic, along with a few parts from aem namely coils and a cam/crank sensor. Im not one for sticking to the norm like s300, chrome etc I feel what I have chosen will work really well.
After looking at lots of diffrent options for a clutch I decided that I had to have a twin disc type, I want this car to be super reliable so cant be doing with swapping a single plate friction disc out every other month. This OS Giken twin disc came up on ebay with the owner claiming it did not have very much use, after looking into how much a complete rebuild kit would cost it came in well under what it would have cost new so all in all a bit of a bargain.



Also found on flea bay were these avid racing engine mounts with drag poly inserts, although not for a ek I cant see it being to hard to fab up some brackets for them.


In need of a little clean they should be good, these will also help with trying to keep the driveshafts straight and true and stop them from snapping.