1320 Racing's civic drag build

Tig welding is a bit of a pain but with enough practice anyone can do it, its a really handy tool to have when building a car like this as I have to make most of the stuff like down pipes, screamer tubes, intercooler pipe runs etc
Test fitted the cbr 954 coils to the replica mugen cover to see if they would fit, nice and snug without the need for any kind of bar to hold them down.


Also had the plugs turn up, one of the only plugs that will work with the cbr coils as you need a removable tip type plug


Finished one of the water outlets at the weekend, bye bye to all jubilee clips, even stainless ones piss me off.


And fitted to the motor with a -16 fitting.


You can also see in that picture one of the plugs which blanks of one of the water ways to loose even more hoses. It's the same thread as the rocker shaft plug so can be ordered straight from Honda.
Thanks chaps, 700+whp is what im looking for with the only limiting factor at the moment being the injectors, I have enough fuel pump ( x2 bosch 044's each one good for 270lph at 45psi or over 1100whp) with a set of bosch 1680cc 800whp is possible. If funds are available at the time of tuning I may even try a set of id2000cc injectors as they are a far better injector in every way shape and form but come with a hefty price tag of around $900 plus shipping and import duty.
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Finished up the paint on the rocker cover, went for candy blue over a silver base coat with gold flecks


The colour nearly matches the camber arms I have just got for the car


Which nearly matches the function7 arms that I pulled all of the bushes out of and had anodized.


Fitted the rocker cover and at the same time fitted the aem epm with the other parts of my coil on plug conversion

That's a nice "JDM" cover you have there... So when's it goings to be up and running ?
That's a nice "JDM" cover you have there... So when's it goings to be up and running ?

Its not Jdm though mate its a rip off, I payed £30 for it off ebay:)) Not sure when it will be running, im not going to rush it to finish it.

Have these engine mounts now, these are the hardest bushes avaiable other than going solid


Also started to fab up a down/up pipe


Not sure if there is enough room to go out of the wing or if it will have to exit through the bonnet, I have only tacked the 90 degree bend as it going to be very close to the chassis leg.


After waiting long enough the rad turned up today, set about chopping off the water outlets


And then got the tig out and welded on some -16 bungs

Not sure im not going to rush it, I would like to be out racing this year at somepoint, still have a lot of work to get through and a lot of parts to buy.
Started to try and make the intercooler fit behind the stock bumper, with the factory cross member removed I set about making a new one which will hold the intercooler, form part of the traction bar, mount weights to and also mount the radiator.



Made two other brackets to hold the cooler



With the cooler mocked up


And one with the stock bumper fitting like a glove


Need a little bit of work to finish, I need to modify the end tanks on the cooler and then clean up the brackets and paint them. Think next time I wont piss about and will buy a garrett core and fab the end tanks up.
God damn! This is amazing! Looks like you've certainly put a lot of effort in this!