Fully Forged 250bhp+ b20 swap


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Nov 8, 2011
PLEASE NOTE: Selling this on behalf of a friend, all messages can still go on here or to my imbox, Mark will also post up on here so people can message him personally if they like.

Item for sale: Fully Forged "DNR/ENDLESS" B20 engine swap

Reputation: http://www.ek9.org/forum/reputation-center/42718-nuno-camtec.html

Price: £3500

Paypal?: cash preffered on collection

Location: Daventry

Condition: Sweet as a nut, only very recently put in the ek9.


This is Daz's old engine that ran a 12.something second quarter in his CRX.

In marks EK9 it ran 13.8 with a 2nd gear launch and bog down, no hard launching at all!!

Made 248bhp in daz's CRX iirc before the new intake systems were added on recently (manifold, throttle body, bigger injectors)

Im sure if needs be Daz can vouch for this engine, he built it for himself many moons ago, and it still delivers.

-Forged eagle rods
-Wiseco pistons/ 11.7-1
-DNR crank
-ACL bearings
-B18c ITR Head
-Toda titanium valve springs and retainers
-Toda C2 camshafts
-Skunk2 flat faced valves 1mm overzied
-Race port and polish
-Base mapped p73 ecu
-Breather kit with polished cam cover
-edelbrock victor x (new when engine went in)
-RC 440cc injectors
-BDL 74mm throttle body (new when engine went in)
-engine loom
-EK9 s4c LSD box, crunches in 3rd high revs only.
-has a new clutch of some sort in there too

can still be heard running atm iirc only selling due to k-swap, no other reason.





please note, this engines is marks property and im only doing this as a favour, nothing involving me or camtec.

thanks all.
Don't suppose he wants to swop the cams springs and retainers plus cash his way for the toda setup.? I have stock ek9 cams ect.
Sorry to be a Dick

" has a new clutch of some sort in there too "

Should really find out what it is tbh mate, Considering the massively varying prices when it comes to clutchs.
I don't want to swap to be honest just need
Cash towards the k swap,it comes with stage 2 act clutch and standard ek9 flywheel cheers, also I can send a video to Nuno and get it
Yes it's all on civic life as there's a massive build thread of the engine on Dazs profile under his crux build from DNR performance engineering, everything it on there and the graphs sorry u will have to search for it as I can't upload nothing on here it won't let me
What's engine been used for?
Assuming you bought it off daz?
How much use (miles or hours) have you had?
The engine was used to break the uk N/A record in 2009 at the shakespeare quarter mile, The engine was just something I'd bought as I hate the b16b and ive used it for 8 months it has about 20000 miles on it but I have no proof of this and it was serviced once a month to keep it at its best, it has just been done again and now the cars off the road waiting for a k20 supercharged block going in that's the only reason for selling , the engines still in the car for people to view and see it running cheers
Well. If you consider breaking can I have first. Refusal on toda cams retainers and springs cheers.
Ok, I don't want to buy that car as I've already bought the engine and charger and ect... And I like the car how it is now dude but cheers, cheers for the comments
If this is the engine that daz from dnr had it done 12.7 1/4 mile there a video on you tube somewhere.
I still haven't got enough posts to advertise here, but as soon as I will reach this, I will list quite similar spec engine for sale.
cool/rare/unique B20. Valve cover looks class! GWLS!!!

which B20 bottom end is it btw?
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