How much does your EK9 weigh?

The doors on an EK are as bad. The weight in them is crazy!
The doors on an EK are as bad. The weight in them is crazy!

was just about to add that, only safe to gut oem door or fit light 1 if cage installed imo, i imagine youve already done that kris to door anyway
Yes mate, gutted it as much as I could so again its pretty flimsey, but as you said, I have a door bar on the cage that will save me in an impact.....not ideal for a road car for sure!
Ive got Door bars going in after JAE...HMMMM :p hahaha
I weighed a Recaro seat from my EK9. Weight was 19kg on bathroom scales :D

What does the SPG Recaro weigh?

weighed recaros when i had em lol, big prob with lighter seat isnt actual seat but rails which are heavy, you can get lightweight rails though or just have aluminium side mounts welded/bolted straight to floor to maximise saving,also gives great seating position

i got some new buckets recently, weigh 9.6kg each but rails prob weight nearly as much so weight ive saved is minimal but seat is steel framed and gives better side impact protection, driving position is still hgher than id like though so may consider other options
My ek4 weighted 1020kg

No a/c
No spare tyres
No floor tar
Super light weight enkies

Full interior
My ej6 coupe with the h22a7 last weighed 1080kg with 30l of fuel, but now ive stripped loads out but added heavier wheels and a few braces added carbon panels etc.. Hopefully be around 1050-60 now
When i brought my ej9 i looked around for the most base low ass spec model i could. no electric anything no sunroof ect. weighd it the day i brought it with around 1/4 of a tank amd was BANG ON 1000kg. then set to work on it and did-
Ek9 hub swap
Meister r zeta r coilovers amd lcas
teg wheels
buddyclub seat
totaly striped with no sound deadening
carbon bonnet
carbon spoiler (no real dif in weight i know but every little helps ;)
Now weighs in at 934kg with 1/4 tank

still has d14 in there though so when b18 is in may weigh more?
Just weighed the better halves ek9, guessing its one of the top specs, elec folding mirrors, p/s, a/c, srs, abs etc but spare wheel and tools removed, a/c removed. Skunk2 exhaust manifold and decat apart from that everything else is still there.. Weighed 1080kg but that was with a small tool box and loads of clothes in boot. So i'm guessing ~1068kg maybe, without the ****.
Weighed my EK4 SiR Facelift at my dads work, scrap man. And I was happy it weighed 1030kg baring in mind it's designed as a relatively comfortable fast road car, Must be the special lightweight go faster Y56 paint :p

-Both Airbags removed, Non-sunroof model
-Full Standard interior apart from RECARO Pole Position Driver seat
-Regamaster EVO's
-CF bonnet etc...
Aircon, ABS etc still in it and a **** load of underseal lol.
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My b18 turbo ek9 got weighed at santa pod at 984kgs, thats with only one recaro spg seat, totally stripped out, no heating a/c, perspex windows, and a multipoint weld in cage
I dont get this post some of you stripped are over the tonne some are way under ?

Either honda forgot **** on some cars or somthing aint right i cant see how there can be 100kg's in weight if a 9 is stripped, even if you take all the sound deadening out should only be 40 kg difference max with tyre and wheel combo.
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