Teeky's MB6 VTI-S Build Thread *** PIC HEAVY ***

Now with a few parts waiting to be fitted it was time to start working on the car.

I sold my Blox intake to a lad I know, so it was time to get that off.





Now with the Intake off, time to compare it to the Skunk2 lol



As we all know the B18C4/GSR come with the Dual stage VTEC and butterflies in the runners of the intake manifold.

They're known to be restrictive, and most people prefer the Single stage VTEC over the Dual.

Skunk2 took the ITR DC2 Manifold, and copied/tweaked it and used the flange for the B18C4/GSR so it can fit.

Skunk2 products are generally good and are well respected in the Honda scene, also give some decent gains when running a propper set up, weather it's Intakes, Exhausts, or even engine components.

Here is the Skunk2 Pro series Intake Manifold for the B18C4/GSR

It's a little dirty and needs a good clean, I may even paint it if I have time.



Good quality, and design, all the casting & weld marks look clean and tidy.

Now for the BLOX intake manifold.

Not sure how true this is, but I've heard that the Skunk2 and BLOX intakes are made in the same factory and the other one is that aparenelty someone who used to work for Skunk2 copied the design and went to BLOX LOL

No idea how true any of those story's are, but they did "COPY" Skunk2 the way Skunk2 copied Honda lol

Here's the BLOX intake manifold

Again it's dirty and needs a clean lol



Seems like decent quality, the casting and welds aren't as good as the Skunk2, but overall good.

Side by side ...



Overall the Skunk2 Seemed better quality, in the sense of the cleaner casting marks and cleaner welds, the BLOX wasn't bad, but they wasn't as tidy as the Skunk2 product.

The Skunk2 was a tad heavier than the BLOX, no idea why this is, maybe because of the metals used?.

A look Inside and the Intakes and the same story again, Skunk2 had the ever so slightest cleaner casting marks and welds.

And the Skunk2 had a couple of Cast marks and dimples and stuff the BLOX didn't have, maybe the design itself.

Again both of the intakes are used the Skunk2 looks like it's done more miles then the BLOX , hence the oil, grease & grime lol.



Not sure if the photos have captured the casting marks, the runners were the same too.

So all in all, they are both pretty much the same!

The Skunk2 appears to have a cleaner assembly, the welds and casting marks to help with the air flow.

But if your on a budget then go for the BLOX.

Personally I went for the Skunk2 just because I'd rather use Skunk2 parts over BLOX.
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Anyways back to the build :lol:

Bought this Replacement VTIS badge, as my OEM one has seen better days

Common problems on Honda's is the window regulators, mainly the drivers side!

They either go really really slow and you got to push them with ya hand, or the spline that holds the mechanism inside, loses its teeth and the regulator starts to rattle , mine was slow and it used to rattle, one day I closed the door the the glass dropped in, luckily it didn't shatter!

Anyways so I tried the one from my forstB, and that wasn't very far off from the one that collapsed.

I rang Honda and they said something daft like just short of £300 lol

Tried a few from work, and I managed to get one from FPS for about £120, the connector was a little different, but I used my old connector and it was spot on!

Sprayed a **** tonne of silicone spray in the runners, rubbers, and the mechanism lol

The window was RAPID! Flying up and down lol, felt like a new car , and the auto feature worked too! :dance:

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Got some NH605P - Pirates Black Peal mixed up at work, got it put in to an aerosol can, might use it for the grill, or something lol

Took a screen shot of a video I made, quality is a little crap.


So after 3 days of VTEC-ING this happend :rolleyes:

I took my mate for a quick spin, went around town and then went up to a a few b roads local to me, btw it's past midnight. IMO the best time:run:

Casually VTEC-ING, buzzing of the 4-1 scooby tone along with the pops, bangs and flames shooting out of the rear, went up a double s bend (uphill) flat foot all the way, slowed down for the right bend emerging, slammed on, heel toe rev match in to second, took the corner and powdered out VTEC all the way in to 3rd and 4th, slammed on for a tight sharp turn to the left, anchored on, heel toe'd again to 3rd and back to 2nd and powered out screaming away! In to 3rd.......

....... And something happend, the car lost power, wouldn't move, I thought I blew the gearbox at first, tried putting it in to 4th and back to 3rd, it went in fine!

At this moment in time were around a farm land, with no street lighting! No signal and no f*ucking POWER!

I just let the car roll as far as it could, and luckily enough we just about made it to the end of the road to the junction, and we had a some street lighting

time to inspect!

i jumped out of the Evo Recaros, shitting my self wondering what damage have I done, will it be a "Quick fix" or no fix?

popped the bonnet, and got our phone lights on, instantly I saw oil leaking out from the exhaust manifold and on the block, at this moment I knew I ****** up :lol:i still had a little hope, put the car on ignition 2, checked the FPR and it was showing 40psi, checked all the intake side, all fine. All the electrics were working, only thing was the ignition side of things, I had no tools so I rang a friend of mine, who is also pretty well known in the Honda game around here ,he also said it sounds like ignition.

View attachment 40981

So I rang my mates, told them I got a problem, they asked me were you are and I told them my favourite stretch:lol: one of them said, have you wrote it off:lol: I replied NO lol :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

View attachment 40978

View attachment 40979

anyways they bought some tools down, and I rang another friend of mine who was a recovery truck, took the plug cover off and u found this :))

View attachment 40976

So this was the problem lol
View attachment 40977

I knew it was already gone, and already thought about breaking it...

Time to recover it home, and take it apart tommrow :dance:

View attachment 40982
That seat leon is probably the best car on this thread lol
So my third batch from Tegiwa Arrived.

Point Blur_Apr012019_171021.jpg

& a HEL Braided Clutch line

The key ring was a freebie lol

















Got my "Honda Motor co." Rocker cover Welded up with some AN10 Bungs.

The rocker is crying out loud for a refurb.

Still deciding on the colour.


I plan on running a oil catch can in the near future, but for the time being I've bought these AN10 Blanks just to get me around lol


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Here's my spark plug cover all finished up.

Secret paint :secret::lol::lol::lol:

Under certain lighting it looks charcoal grey, but in the sun it flips colours, looks unreal in person










Got my Rocker cover, acid dipped and shot blasted, also had the inner baffle removed to make sure I don't get any sand in my engine.

All masked up ready for some colour.



Couple of casting marks, hopefully the primer will hide it.

Still thinking of a colour....

But I think I've got something in mind :p
Bought this How to build B series book, when I blew up my first MB6's engine.

Came after ages :lol::lol::lol::lol:



It'll come in handy, very informative & detailed.
I wanted to keep the Slimline fan, but I didn't want to use them shitty cable ties that come with the fans.

Deffo didn't Wana use the OEM fan.

I got a custom Radiator Fan shroud made up from a local engineer, quality work.

Might get a bigger fan, as the hole isn't as big as I'd like it, but I'll see how it runs, hopefully it isn't too bad.





I got bored of the Mongoose Exhaust system.

Plus I want a 2.5" system, thinking about 3" but it'll be too big for a C4 to run N/a.

2.5" is perfect for N/a and it's good for boost too.





Love the Rainbow affect on the decat.

Just the metal bedding in, didn't even do much miles with it lol

I've got something special to replace this :dance:
Look like a Accord Type R from this angle lol



Sold my VTiS fan blades to a mate, just waiting for him to collect.


A good mate of mine had a Set of MB6 VTI wheels sat in his cellar for about 10 years lol, he gave me them, so I took them just to keep the car on all fours, and keep it rolling.

Got a fair bit done today...

Exhaust off
Wheels swapped over
Rear bumper off
Front bumper off
Front bumper bar off
Front lights off
AC Delete
Rad and pipes off
Minor coolant flush



Also sold my Magnacore KV85 HT leads

And sold my ITR DC2 Airbox, pipe with the K&N filter