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    whats the best clutch and flywheel

    Ogura Racing Concept - Lightest.
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    Shim Stack Pre-load

    Shim ReStackor example calculation retuning a shim stack to be three clicks softer Thought I would post this to liven up the forum, which seemed (to me) a bit dull.
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    Is EPM susceptible to timing drift?
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    how to make an ej9 handle like an ek9

    EK9 Chassis Tune-Up - YouTube
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    1990cc Spoon Engine ??

    2 pistons rings only.
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    Gauging interest - All my high end B series engine/gearbox parts

    was that the wiseco pistons? - what p2w clearance were you running?
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    Mono Tube/Twin Tube suspension info by 'TEIN'

    the MSV theory is, increased low speed damping = better steering response; based on forum feedback Mflex ride is on the firm/harsh side.
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    Hong Kong street racing

    because they are...
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    OHLINS suspension.

    Stock Valving?
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    Timing belt

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    Crankshaft balancing!!!

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    OHLINS suspension.

    r u looking for a fast road setup? why 8kg on the rear?
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    meister r suspension ride quality

    what is the ball park leda price?
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    OHLINS suspension.

    U can buy swift springs for that spec.
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    good read....fd2r

    Suspension mods- FD2R | MotorPrime